vrijdag 24 juni 2011

casual look

hey guys!
this is our casual look! we are very exited to show you our looks. this is our first look. Paula did the make-up! I think she is really good at it! And Margot styled our outfits.
xxx love ♥


This is something funny, but it was pretty painfull for me (margot). When we were taking pictures for this blog, a beast get stucked in my hair! Paula and I totally freaked out! So that stupid beast stabbed me in my head! And now it hurts a little. So, another funny story for in my diary... love margot



the clothes we are wearing:
Paula :
shoes - allstars
jeans - h&m
shirt - zara
jewelry - chanel (fake hihi.) & six

shoes- h&m
sweater-from my cousin Aimee. and she bought it in Paris.
jeans-vero moda
jewelry- from Italie

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