zondag 1 januari 2012

new love: skiing!!!!!!

Hey guys♥
I came home yesterday evening:) my holiday was superbe!!!
I wanna go back!!
But there are good things and bad things. The good thing is:  I found a realy cute little backpack, in a town named: Český Krumlov .
There were not many stores, but little boutiques. :)
It was amazing!
but here is the bad thing: a friend broke his leg during our holiday!
I don't exactly know how it happened. But it was awful!
He had to stay in the hostital for three days. And a weird shelter dude has stolen my friends sellphone.
Sooo, this holiday was an adventure;p
I'll show you some pictures!
xxxxx hugs and loves♥

this is the area where we spent our time:)
this is Český Krumlov 

This is my new little backpack!
I like the print on it:)
I had to buy it;p

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  3. Echt geweldig.
    En die rugzag! super gewoon.
    Xx Liefs

  4. you are such a sweet little thing!! your blog is such a treat x

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  5. Klinkt inderdaad als een avontuur! En wat een suuuuperlief rugzakje! ik mail je snel :)